Our Does:

C2065 Liberty Hill Farm "Bella Donna" (aka Bella Blue)

Born Feb 23, 2014

100% Myotonic, Grade 5, CoI 0.5%

Blue eyes, white and black coat, horned

Sire: B3486 Sanes Creek Ranch "Alley OOP"

Dam: B3929 Apache Landing "Buttons"

-- She is a reserved and friendly doe. She is a strong fainter and will make an excellent start to our breeding flock! 

C2063 Liberty Hill Farm "Coco" 

Born Feb 23, 2014

100% Myotonic, Grade 5, CoI 0.4%

Brown eyes, brown/fawn color, white star on forehead, longer hair on spine, horned 

Sire: B5707 Liberty Hills "Geronimo"

Dam: A3715 Hillside Acres "Amber"

--She is curious, playful, and dominant. Fun personality and will be a great mother. Very attractive goat as she matures. We can't wait to breed her.

Our Bucks:

C4179 Green Pastures "Nitroglycerin" 

(aka Nitro)

Born Nov 23, 2014

100% Myotonic, Grade 5, CoI 0.2%

Solid brown coat, blue eyes, disbudded, in-tact

Sire: C1880 Green Pastures "Pueblo Gold"

Dam: B4660 Green Pastures "Red Velvet"

--Nitro is a wonderful buck. His ice-blue eyes, stunning dark chocolate coat, and muscular physique make him a real head-turner. Our does already pace the fence when he is nearby.

C4286 Bakken's Farm "Eagle Storm"

Born Dec 12, 2014
100% Myotonic, Grade 5, CoI 9.1%
White w/tan coat, brown eyes, disbudded, in-tact
Sire: B9415 Bakken's Farm "Red Eagle"
Dam: A6909 Bakken's Farm "Snow Belle"

-- Named by the Bakkens, we chose Eagle Storm for his muscular build and good conformation. He is a very strong fainter and will add alot of strength to our beginning herd. Also, my children love his "deep cry" and think its because he is going to be a strong buck.